BPR carries new and used pallets in standard sizes and we can also custom size your pallets if needed. In addition to pallets, we carry crates, fiber and plastic drums and banding groove battens.

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New Pallets

Explore how pallets custom-designed to fit your products can save money, reduce waste, and move your product more efficiently. Through analysis and assessment, we’ll create just the right product for you.



Focused on cost-saving or environmentally-friendly options? Recycled and reconditioned pallets meet the high standards that we set for our new pallets at a fraction of the cost.

Pallets That Deliver

When you choose BPR as your pallet supplier, you’ll enjoy a vast catalog of options for pallet products and services. We serve customers throughout the United States and continually add to our distribution and service networks. From direct pallets sales to full-service pallet management, we’ll work closely with your business to uncover the best pallet solution for your shipping needs, your product and your growth goals.

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Looking for answers to some of our frequently asked questions? You’ve come to the right place. But you can always contact our expert team for more details!

Do you pick up unwanted pallets?

Yes. If possible send an image of the pallets as well as the dimensions (approximate) and the number of pallets you have. We will then schedule a pick up time.

What size pallets do you supply?

We provide pallet rentals, custom designed pallets, pallet recycling and crates and boxes to meet your shipping needs. 

I dont know what I need. Can you advise us our requirements?

Absolutely. Please contact our office team to arrange an appointment time. With over three decades of experience in the materials and handling industry, you’re guaranteed to receive expert advice.

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