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Recycle your old, scrap or used wooden pallets with Boston Pallet Recycling. BPR is one of the most diverse pallet and shipping crate manufacturers in the New England area. Because we are a green privately-owned, independent company, we are able to be more flexible and diverse than other companies, while still offering superior reliability and consistency to our customers.

Our Services

Pallet Management 2

Pallet Management

Take the guesswork out of your pallet supply. We offer creative ways to manage your pallet demands


Pallet Recycling

 For those looking to explore new cost-saving measures, we recondition pallets and recycle into wood chips those that no longer meet our high-quality standards.

Pallets Rental Program

Pallet Rental Program

BPR provides consistent, high-quality rental pallets that move one way through the manufacturing and distribution supply chain.


We Sell Pallets

BPR sells pallets and can find a new home for your broken pallets.   Depending on your location and volumes, we’ll pick up scrap pallets.  We no longer buy pallets.

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Our Green Initiative

Boston Pallet Recycling is committed to being a force for awakening in the world. We could not be true to this goal without paying attention to the impact we as a recycling company have on the health and balance of our planet. To this end, we strive to minimize the environmental footprint of our company. 

What follows are initiatives we have taken at BPR, as well as contact information, should you choose to join us in these efforts. Additionally, if you have other ideas about how we can go green, we’d love to hear from you

It takes significantly less energy to convert preexisting consumer materials into recycled versions than it does to extract, process and manufacture raw materials into brand new products. 

The obvious energy savings are coupled with additional environmental benefits including the release of fewer polluting emissions into our air, water and soil, all of which would normally require a great deal of time, labor and resources to clean up.


We’ve Been Recycling For Over 10 Years. We Have Grown and Continue to Expand Our Customer Base, Physical Locations, Product Lines, and Service Lines:


Expanded our customer base through state, city, & county contracts, representing commercial, industrial, construction, and demolition customers, as well as small business & individual ‘DIY’ customers.

Located in Massachusetts, We Service ALL of New England, including Cape Cod
Coming Soon…Physical locations in Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maine
As an Add-on to Our Main Pallets Recycling, We Now Manufacture and Sell Wood Chips
We Perform Wood Grinding Services for businesses, municipalities, and individuals producing wood chips that can be used for mulching

Boston Pallets Recycling is Massachusetts’ premiere source for all of your wooden pallet recycling needs. Since 2010, we have committed ourselves to excellence, serving Massachusetts,  New Hampshire, and Rhode Island, with a keen eye on the environment. Our mission is to lower the environmental footprint within the wood pallet industry, by collecting pallets throughout New England. Pallets are recycled throughout our network of partnered warehouses, where they are repaired, re-purposed and supplied back into the distribution chain. 

Latest Articles

Mountain of Mulch 9x5

Converting Waste To Energy

As part of Boston Pallets Recycling’s commitment to environmental sustainability,  we turn wood waste that is unsuitable for landscape mulch into biomass used by energy plants. By converting waste to energy we are able to power cities, schools, factories and more.

Boston Pallet Recycling18 Wheeler Truck Resized

3 Benefits Of Using A Single Pallet Supplier

You need to receive an exact quantity of pallets and shipping materials on time– no more, no less. Multiple pallet providers may initially provide the peace of mind that your supply chain will always operate smoothly, but consider this:

Pallet Fact or Fiction

Fact or Fiction? Here are some common Ideas about pallets, the pallet market & our company with our straight take on the truth of each

Re-purposing Wood Pallets into Wood Chips

Pallets transformed into chipped wood

Our mission is to lower the environmental footprint within the wood pallet industry, by collecting pallets throughout New England. Some Pallets are re-purposed into wood chips where some of the best applications for wood chips can be as  garden mulch, attractive pathways, compost ingredients, and as weed control.

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Let’s Build Something Together

Looking for answers to some of our frequently asked questions? You’ve come to the right place. But you can always contact our expert team for more details!
Do you pick up unwanted pallets?
Yes. If possible send an image of the pallets as well as the dimensions (approximate) and the number of pallets you have. We will then schedule a pick up time.
What size pallets do you supply?
We provide pallet rentals, custom designed pallets, pallet recycling and crates and boxes to meet your shipping needs. 
I dont know what I need. Can you advise us our requirements?
Absolutely. Please contact our office team to arrange an appointment time. With over three decades of experience in the materials and handling industry, you’re guaranteed to receive expert advice.

Client Testimonials

“Everything was delivered on time as promised. Top quality pallets for a great price plus responsive, informative customer service. I’m hard to please and I couldn’t find anything to complain about.”
Murphy D.


“Great people to work with from the managers all the way to the truck drivers. Greg answers every question we may have and always have a great pick up experience with your driver.”

Eric J.

Operations Manager

During peak season, we were in a tight spot and needed pallets immediately. We were referred to Boston Pallet Recycling and they delivered right away and without any hassle.
Since then, they have never failed to deliver on time and with accuracy.”

Jacon P.

Office Manager

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